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Quants Trading Strategies


About Frequants

Frequants is a technology firm that applies a quantitative statistical model, built by industry experts and technology leaders.

Extensive industry research and deep understanding of the digital assets markets and the traditional stock market.

Our strategies have greatly out-performed both the digital assets markets and the S&P 500 continuously since 2018, while maintaining a substantially lower drawdown.

Our core features

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Risk Management

Daily risk reports, Lower drawdown and better Sharpe Ratio then the benchmark

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All Asset Class

From digital assets to traditional markets

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Low Frequency Trading

Trained neural network and self learning prediction model - 5 years track producing quality signals with a win ratio of 84% and price accuracy of +/- 10%

How we differ

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Rigorous scientific investigation can unveil inefficiencies in financial markets.



Our success is mostly driven by robust research and a disciplined focus on risk management and trade execution.

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Automated programs allow evaluating market data in the fast and efficient manner. 

About Sec

Strategy investment decision process

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Data Daily Market Analysis - Data collected and analyzed from many different sources and provide current status of the market including unique insights and technical signals. The projection in most cases is aimed for the short term - few weeks

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Several statistical models that analyzes and predicts the price changes in digital assets. The model studies numerous market and statistical indicators and accumulates all of them to assess its predictions

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ML algorithms which gives signals on buy and sell positions and define the spreads of entering and liquidating a position

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All trades enter the market with stop loss and take profit projections

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All trades are adjusted on a day to day basis 

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“The goal of forecasting is not to predict the future but to tell you what you need to know to take meaningful action in the present”

Paul Saffo, technology forecaster

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